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Car Dealers:

Would you like to have one of our reps come to you weekly or as needed? If so, we can help increase your per vehicle profits using the most technologically advanced paint restoration process in the industry! Don't let customers become turned off by paint chips, nicks and scratches. Your solution to this is just a phone call away.
First demo is always FREE to auto dealers if not 100% satisfied!

Fleet Vehicle Owners:

Our service is for you too! As you well know, owning company vehicles is a big responsibility and expensive. Your company's image is always enhanced when your company vehicles look good. Let our system help you keep your company vehicles looking fresh & clean! Let us send one of our reps to your business today to show you what we can do!

General Public:

If you are an individual that would simply like to freshen up your vehicle's appearance let one of our reps come right to your home or place of employment! We can address the hood area and/or the entire car or truck to help bring that finish back to life and looking new!

Many in the auto industry refer to the small chips and scratches that plague cars and trucks as road rash, and it's the result of rocks and gravel being tossed into the air by other vehicles. "Road rash" has a negative impact on the appearance and value of the vehicle!

According to the Kelley Blue Book paint makes a difference!

With all other things being equal, a car with 62,000 miles increases in value dramatically as the appearance of the paint improves. Consider the comparison below (values current as of October 2003):

Compare Dull/Chipped/
Scratched Paint
Glossy Paint
2008 Nissan Maxima $8,720 $9,425
2008 Lexus ES300 $13,475 $14,475
2008 Honda Accord $9,840 $10,600
2008 Toyota Camry $8,310 $9,000

The average increase in value is $789.00!

Until recently, the options for repairing vehicle paint have been limited. The current method for resolving this problem may be to use touch-up paint and dab the chips with varying degrees of limited success or have the hood painted, with costs ranging from $120 to $200 or more. The expense, as well as the time off the market as repairs are completed, negatively impacts potential earnings for dealerships.

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All automotive paints are not the same.
PTUM only uses premium automotive touch up paints.


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